The purpose of this site is just to serve as a mental outlet. I have journals that I write in the old-fashioned way, but I get bored of those sometimes. Anything you read is either something inspired via external stimuli, and internal experience (gnosis), or simply what’s going on in my life at the time. (if you care) You may notice a literary/creative flair to my writing. That’s because I’m also an aspiring novelist. I don’t mind sharing what some might consider to be too personal, because I’m aware that what you see in me will simply be a reflection of you, and perhaps we share experiences. We are only mirrors of one another. Although the writings are essentially for me, I realize that they may come off as teaching or lecturing at times. That’s not my intention. Who am I? I just let whatever comes to mind flow out. Even if I’m saying words like “you” or “you’re”, I’m talking to myself just as much as anyone that may end up reading it. Sometimes the best way for the Soul to communicate WITH US is THROUGH US. Thanks for visiting. Take what you like; leave what you don’t.